World Order of the Renovated Temple



The history of mankind shows brilliant periods of civilization alternating with periods of more or less marked regression. If you look at the succession of civilizations that have marked the Northern hemisphere, you see a constant movement of the east towards the west, and this within a geographic band between 28° and 52° N latitude.

Each stage of civilization marked progress in the social domain and in geographic expansion.  Everything seems to happen each time this way: the new civilization rising up returns towards the east, drawing upon the basis of its knowledge from what was left by the ancient civilization. It returns it to its capital and adapts it to its period, then extends towards the west to plant the seeds for the next civilization. Once it attains its apogee and its period of splendor ends, it continues its momentum sometime before regressing just until the new civilization born in the west awakens.

The most ancient civilization is the Chinese civilization (Nanking), then Hindu (Lahore), Chaldean (Babylonian), Egyptian (Memphis) Greek (Athens) Latin (Rome) and that of the Middle Ages (Paris).

Some historians have wondered if there were not behind each of these periods of civilization, a group of men intervening to stimulate the growth of humanity. They are not wrong. Each civilization flourished thanks to the knowledge brought forth by groups of men in what we call an Initiatory Order.

It is a surprising fact to see that around 1100, Western society reorganized itself at a surprising speed. Those responsible for this renewal were the Templars, of which the public only knew their external aspect: Men at arms - permanent insecurity forced people to physically defend themselves. The Templars were in fact an initiatory order, of which the first notable work was to reestablish the free flow of money, of goods and people both in the West as well as on the road to the Holy land. The Templars were above all intellectuals and very knowledgeable. They brought to the West a know-how in all fields, as much as in agriculture as in medicine, mathematics, astronomy, art …

The knowledge of the Templars which was based on concrete reality and analyzed by reason, permitted them to not only recover all these sciences and to adapt them in their applications of the day, but also to conceive with certainty the notions relevant to the field of calculations, for which one cannot experiment nor observe. They were able to calculate the end of the period of civilization to which they greatly contributed, and as well to make all arrangements so that, when the time came, when universal determinism permitted, humanity could orient itself once again towards the True, the Beautiful and the Good.

These men had restored the Initiatory Knowledge: the ultimate Knowledge that man could attain. Their order of initiation in the Middle Ages had taken the name of  “Ordre du Temple”.

Like any initiatory order, the “Ordre du Temple”(Order of the Temple) transmitted his knowledge in a hermetic form, such that those who were to proceed with the opening of the “new era” had all the necessary elements. The document established for this purpose is the text of Les Vrayes Centuries et Prophéties de Maistre Michel Nostradamus, signed by Nostradamus, in the edition of 1668.  Nostradamus means “we give what we have”, but also “our calculation”. This text is in fact the Testament of the Templars. This Testament is encrypted for one person, whose birth has been determined and was calculated six centuries before. That person was Pierre Vincenti Piobb.

The Testament announced the reopening of the Initiation period in 1932.

       With the guidance of the Testament, P.V. Piobb has performed the necessary ceremonies for this reopening.

The Testament also provided, through the calculation of Sidereal Determinism, that the new organization would take birth in France in its provisional form. It would develop in its final form in the West, in North America, and must take the name “Ordre Mondial du Temple Rénové” (World Order of the Renovated Temple) It would have a global reach.

According to the Grand Calculus, its action would last until 2427.

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