World Order of the Renovated Temple

O . M . T. R .


An Order is a structured organization.

An Initiatory Order is an organization, structured and hierarchical, whose purpose is the safeguarding or the transmission of secret knowledge, driving to the height of knowledge for the human being. An Initiatory Order is at the same time the guardian and the guide of the road leading to knowledge. In each period it adapts to the state of human evolution.

Beyond the periods of light, every Initiatory Order is occupied only with the preservation of the knowledge. It is then known as imperfect and does not have the capacity to carry the Initiatory knowledge to its maximum. There can exist several imperfect Initiatory Orders at the same time.

In periods of light, just as there is only one Truth, there can only be one Initiatory Order known as perfect which, by its affiliation, is able to give light to all of human knowledge and to transmit it. Guardian of the road of knowledge, it guides humanity towards harmony, putting into practice the Initiatory knowledge.

Thus the perfect Initiatory Order is reborn on dates fixed by sidereal determinism. The last to have existed was the Order of the Templars from 1118 to 1314.

The World Order of the Renovated Temple is the perfect Initiatory Order for the period of light that opened in 1932.

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