World Order of the Renovated Temple

O . M . T. R .

The Five Secret Sciences

The Initiatic Science which encompasses the five Secret Sciences has as its goal to obtain intellectual certainty in all domains, and to establish the relationship between these certainties and reality.

Alchemy, Magic, Astrology, Symbolism and Mythology.

Alchemy is the science of Matter. It shows organization and possible evolution. It is concerned with concrete matter as well as abstract matter. Applied to the human intellect (abstract matter) the science of alchemy shows the means of carrying it to its maximum evolution. It is the philosopher’s stone.

Magic is the science of Energy. It demonstrates the different natures of energy and their application. Energy applied to matter is what we call force. Force involves movement. Only movement, the manifestation of the application of a force on a matter is perceived by our senses.

Astrology, from the point of view of initiation, is not reduced simply to horoscopes. It is the science of movement : the application of energy on matter that causes movement (place, internal organization, external relations …) Every movement is the affect of the application of force. Thus every movement answers to the laws of mechanics, which are universal. Astrology deals with mechanics, or the geometry of movement. The effect of the universal laws of mechanics is determinism.

Symbolism is the science of the representation of all that exists, as much for the concrete as well as for the abstract, in order to rationalize reality. Every representation is the symbol if the intellect can find therein a correspondence with reality. A symbol is universal if it represents the same notion for all human beings. Only symbols based on Euclidian geometry and numbers respond to this request. For example, the point is the symbol of unity, the circle that of totality. These two symbols are universal, that is to say understandable by all humans and in all periods of time.

Mythology is the science that describes abstract realities to render them understandable by each and every one at his level. Thus Venus, for the initiated, is the mythological personification of the universal law of attraction. For most people, this means being drawn to beauty or love.

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