World Order of the Renovated Temple



"Ordre Mondial du Temple Rénové" (World Order of the Renovated Temple) is the current name of the Eternal Initiatory Order.

It is an institution which, according to the opportunities and obligations that the period implies, establishes a purely moral link between people who acknowledge professing a common view in philosophy.

Membership in the Order is acquired by joining any one of the associations established for this purpose in each country, according to the laws and customs followed.

All these associations remain absolutely independent and self-administering according to their own statutes ; they are not grouped together nor do they form any federation, but they maintain mutually friendly relations and they have no other object but to instruct their members philosophically outside of any political or social activity in order to participate in the intellectual progress of Humanity and to practice charity.

These groups, however, recognize the authority of one amongst them, in each country, which has a principal character, and which, in accordance with the above principles, allows them to collectively plead their quality.

The Order, respectful of governments, legislations and morals everywhere, taking into account the diversity in the character of races, is particularly concerned with human freedom, maintaining international relations only between the intelligences turned to the True, the Beautiful and the Good.

Non Nobis Domine, Non Nobis, Sed Nomine Tuo Da Gloria.
Not to us, Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory.
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